Monday, 27 August 2012


In a bid to boost  up the quality and standard of learning, the Electrical Electronic Engineering faculty of the Nigerian Turkish Nile University is about to establish two new laboratories for the efficiency of the course. These laboratories are meant to aid the students in becoming professionals in their respective fields.
Some of the machines that will be installed in the new laboratories are:
•    Basic Level Digital Electrical Electronic Training Set
•    Advance Level Digital Electrical Electronic Training Set
•    Electric machines and control training set
•    Servomotor Application Set
The Basic Level Digital Electronics Training Set is designed for basic digital electronic applications. The set consists of basic logic gates, power supply, oscillator and logic level indicators.
The Advanced Digital Electronics Training Set is designed for advanced electronic applications. Set consists of a breadboard that allows internal applications, power supply, oscillator, logic level generator, logic level indicators, dot matrix display and 7 segment display.

Electric Machines and Control Training Set is designed in modular structure to teach using the basic electricity laws with their measurement, defination, Project and analyzing of the circuit elements. It's modular structure, enables students to use possibilities of electrical education area in laboratory like industrial application environment.The motors and control elements used in the set are the same as with industry. For that reason this set can be used also in industry in addition to vocational institutes.

Also, the Servomotor application set, is used to perform identification of parameters value with loaded-unloaded position, speed and torch control.The load assembly is provided on the set by magnetic dust brake engine, coupled by the timing belt. Due to this assembly, control of the speed-torc of the servo engine or control of the position torc could be reviewed.
All these and lots more, are expected to be installed in the proposed new laboratories which will be ready by  begining of  the next academic session. Next session commences on 8th October 2012.

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