Tuesday, 2 October 2012

"Men Should Not Be Scared To Ask Me Out On Date" - Karen

Former BBA Winner, Karen Igho, has openly challenged men to ask her out saying she is certainly not a hard nut to crack when it comes to falling in love.

"I'm a woman who desires to be loved and wooed by the opposite sex. Men are supposed to woo me. I’m a woman and I’m very soft. They shouldn’t be scared of asking me out. I want a decent
man, and not any kind of man,” she said.

Karen expressed disappointment that men are not bracing up the courage to woo her, despite the fact that she is not as difficult as they think. She says she is still “single and ready to mingle”.

She also said her dream man must not only be God-fearing and comfortable but also down to earth and not necessarily a bachelor.

Hmmn... not necessarily a bachelor? Oops!!! That's a lifeline to the guys o... Where are they?

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