Monday, 29 October 2012

Men That Want Their Women Pregnant Before They Can Marry

You may have heard of men that want their women pregnant before they can go ahead with the wedding, that is a very disrespectful.

Below is a summary of some real life stories that shows the cruel character of such men

1- A man wanted her girlfriend to be pregnant before he will marry her. She accepted and got pregnant. After the wedding s

he had a miscarriage. She later got pregnant again and had another miscarriage. The man kicked her out of the house after two years of marriage

2-This man said she must not only get pregnant but she must give birth first before marriage can take place. The girl accepted and took in. After she gave birth they married. One year later the child died. Next three years the wife was unable to conceive again. The man kicked her out of the house.

The next story below is an exception

3-This man never demanded sex from his girlfriend. They got married without having premarital sex. One year passed no kid, four years no kid. The man never complained about the situation. After 15 years of marriage she finally took in and later gave birth to triplets.

Girls you are not cars, no "test-driving" how you present your body is the way you will be treated.


  1. Do you know that sex is a powerful force that can destroy if not used properly? Just like atomic power, sex is the most powerful creative force given to man. When atomic power is used correctly it can create boundless energy; when it is used in the wrong way it destroys life. Sex is the same kind of powerful force. Sex is a gift from God to give us the greatest pleasure, to help in creating a deep companionship with one's spouse and for procreation of the next generation. But if you play with this powerful force outside the bounds of marriage, it destroys you and those close to you.

    Our majority of women cannot enjoy sex outside of the bonds of marriage. The development of a fulfilling sex life needs the security and peace of the marriage bond. Premarital sex usually takes place sneaking around in hidden places dealing with the fear of being caught, the fear of pregnancy and feelings of guilt. All these (worrisome) factors undermine pleasure in premarital sex, most especially for women.

    Do you know that virginity is to be given to the most important person in your life, the person you committed yourself to stay with forever in marriage? This sweet virginity is the most precious thing you have to give to your spouse. Once you lose it, nothing in the world can bring it back. Never lose something so precious in a thoughtless way. Wow!!!

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