Wednesday, 24 April 2013


Are you in a relationship? Do you love your Man/Woman? Here are a few things that show that you’re just playing around:-

1. Little things annoy you
If you always get unnecessarily agitated about a shirt he wears or some extra weight he gained or the way he sings in the car, then you don’t love him. When you really love someone, those things are funny, or at the very least tolerable. But if there’s no real connection there, the little flaws irritate you.

2. You don’t talk and you don’t care
If you don’t hear from him for two days, and you’re not bothered, then there’s a serious problem. Wanting to talk to your man, is a sure sign of true love. If you couldn’t care less, then you’re not in love.

3. You’re constantly comparing your relationship to others
When you’re really in love, you don’t care what everyone else is doing. You’re happy with what you have. Those differences in your relationship don’t feel like a problem. But, when you know you’re not meant to be with a guy, you constantly try to find something wrong with your relationship.

4. When going out, you still dress with other men in mind.
If you’re day dreaming about meeting handsome guys and dressing with that goal in mind, it means you wish you were single. That shows that you’re not really committed to your man.

5. He’s not the one you run to
When you’re upset about something, crying to your man seems like the obvious thing to do. But if you never confide in your guy, then you don’t really care about him. If you really wanted to be close, he’d be the one you go to when you need a sympathetic ear.

6. The image of you two standing at the altar gives you anxiety
If you can’t picture the two of you gazing into each other’s eyes happily on your wedding day, then you’re not meant to be. If you don’t smile at the thought of being his wife, then you’re just playing around.

7. You’re Managing
If there are serious issues militating against your relationship that you know can’t be resolved but you’re still seeing the guy, then it’s obviously a dead end. If he’s of a different religion from you and you know you can only marry a man of the same religion, then you’re going nowhere. You’re only still with him because you’re
avoiding the question: what next?

8.You’re disrespectful to each other
If you regularly insult your man, even in front of others, it’s a sign that you don’t really care about him. You’re lashing out at him because you know being with him is a waste of time.

9. You feel a little guilty around his family
Deep down you know you won’t be around forever, and they’re expecting you to be a daughter-in-law and the mother of their grandchildren someday. When you’re around the family of a man you don’t want to be with, it’s hard to suppress the guilt.

10. You’re still not sure if you like him
Basically, you opened this article! That’s not a good sign. When you know you’re serious about someone, you just know. If you’re still questioning your feelings, then you’re not meant to be.

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