Thursday, 4 April 2013

Boko Haram Begin Mass Recruitment

The Jihadist violence which is ravaging the Northern region of the federal republic of Nigeria appears to show no indications of letting up. This is according to information received by from a competent source within the top echelons of the security structure stationed in Kano.
As gathered, the Jihadist group who had recently ramped up their violent attacks in selected States of Northern Nigeria - particularly Kano, Bauchi and Borno State. Our source pointed to the continued talk of amnesty by stakeholders within the federal government of Nigeria - as the principal cause for the increased
level of attacks.
Precisely, the antagonists against the effort to grant amnesty to the Jihadist based group - is alleged to have raised the combative tendencies of the group to continue in their Jihadist quest. Our source further revealed that the Jihadist group has launched a broad mass recruitment campaign in the Kano State environs. The
recruitment exercise is reportedly headquartered inside the ancient Islamic communities of Kano metropolis.
The new recruits are taken to the troubled West African country of Mali for training. The training is said to last a period of 4 to 6 months. A majority of the new recruits are said be arriving Mali by
road transport. 

According to our source, the leader of the Jihadist group was recently a guest of a wealthy Islamic leader at a home located in the northern senatorial district of Bauchi State. The leader of the group had come to Bauchi to coordinate the Bauchi recruitment. They arrived Bauchi two days before Easter Day on March 29 and according to security sources - departed to Mali on Easter Day.
The recruitment exercise is reported by sources to have netted the group an estimated number of over 1,000 new members within 19 to 30 days of operation.
Already the Jihadist group has begun preparations for a Black June/July for the selected States in the Northern regions of Nigeria.

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